About CIOE


CIOE 97.5 FM broadcasts over 97.5 hours each week of Atlantic Canadian artists from virtually every genre to over 520,000 listeners per month through on-air coverage in the HRM and beyond through our livestream. CIOE 97.5 is totally committed to exposing and promoting the treasury of world-class talent through over 85 hours of locally produced programs produced per week specializing in music/talk-based themes. Included among our East Coast music shows and features are the East Coast Artist of the Day, East Coast Kitchen Party, The Wolf’s Den, East Coast Rising, Fresh from the East Coast, East Coast After Dark, Cape Breton Calling, NewFound Records, Newfie 30 + 30, and the The Voice of New Scotland, to name a few.


CIOE also features 12 hours of Gospel Music and Religious Programing from 8am to 8pm each Sunday, starting September 8, 2019.


“CIOE 97.5 FM is refining the definition of Radio in Canada, expressing with passion the importance of locally relevant, community driven programing that shares and promotes the wealth of talent in the East Coast. CIOE is dedicated to being a vehicle to share the treasure trove of creativity and talent that is world class” – Jim Robson, CIOE Chairman and Former CRTC Commissioner.


CIOE is a volunteer run community driven organization overseen by the Cobequid Radio Society, which hit the airwaves May 2015. CIOE is unique as one of the first radio stations in Canada to house a live performance stage that will seat 110 people along with a community art gallery ”Gallery 97”.


For more information on the East Coast Showcase or CIOE 97.5, contact Jim Robson at 902-252-7975. Visit us online @ www.communityradio.ca


About The Black Cultural Centre


The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia was established in 1983 by the Black Cultural Society as a Provincial Museum dedicated to the rich history of culture of African Nova Scotians. The Centre has a mandate to Protect, Preserve and Promote Black Culture and Heritage in Nova Scotia and beyond. The Centre is the largest museum in Canada dedicated to the history of the oldest Black Communities in the country that have a history that dates back over 400 years.


The Centre also is a facility that plays host to many community events and activities that celebrate and honour the rich history of people of African descent.



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