Touch of Texas – Saturday – 6AM & 8 PM

Charlie Hansen

Charlie Hansen


HI, I’m Charlie Hansen and I host a show called “A Touch Of Texas” on CIOE FM 97.5.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the sounds of steel guitars and fiddles, so much so that I’ve devoted a good part of my free time to the collection of this type of classic country music.

On the show we feature the very best of the superstar Texas artists, the up and comers, as well as lots of folks that you’ve never heard of. On our show you might hear Willie Nelson, George Jones or Teea Goans but you’ll always hear country music in the classic traditional style. We like to surprise you with new material from familiar voices as well as unknown and untested folks that keep the classic country alive.  This show is aimed at folks that enjoy the sounds of classic country that have been buried in an avalanche of what some people call “Countrypolitan”.

So if you don’t want that avalanche to consume the classics be sure to listen to “A Touch Of Texas” every Saturday at 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM on CIOE FM 97.5 community radio, “The voice of your community”. See you on the radio.