Let’s Talk Travel – Saturday at 4 pm

Danny Almon

Let’s Talk Travel hosted by travel agent Danny Almon of AlmonTravel of Niche Travel Group is broadcast Saturdays at 4 pm and will look at many aspects of travel from why bother using a travel agent to the importance of travel insurance to many of the various destinations people are curious about travelling to. Danny will have a variety of guests being interviewed, from tour operators, to resort representatives to travel agents with specialties such as destination weddings, river cruising, ocean cruising and guided bus tours.  W will also be looking at destinations like Costa Rica, Egypt, Vietnam the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Caribbean and many other popular destinations. Danny brings a wealth of personal experience travelling to the show and is eager to share with listeners. He will also be asking for emails from clients suggesting topics for the show or asking particular questions which he will choose from and answer on the show.

About Danny
After a 33 year career in High school, teaching a variety of subjects, Danny retired to open up a travel business, together with his wife, Debbie, and has operated for almost 15 years. With specialties in Destination Weddings (130 to date) , River Cruising ( 8 different itineraries) and Ocean Cruising as well as a specialty in Florida Family Travel, Danny believes in experiencing what he sells so he and his wife choose select destinations each year so that they can speak from personal experience.

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