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Sean MacKenna

Sean McKenna

About host Sean McKenna

Born in Sydney, raised in Dartmouth, with time spent in Toronto, this professional musician can boast that he is one of a small group of people who were able to get a record deal, even if nothing came of it. Sean played hockey and soccer in Darmouth, but gave them up to pursue his dream to become a “rock star”, touring, recording and playing live.

Now Sean is a sales executive with Sojourn Signs, and has worked for over ten years with the Dartmouth Whalers as a coach, executive and development person, to make the game accessible and affordable. One of his proudest moments was being part of the process to see Dartmouth keep their old rinks open, and see the new 4 pad become a reality. In addition, running the Whalers/Dartmouth Sportsplex summer program is a high point.

Sean and his wife Michelle are the proud parents of Zakk, a graduating high school hockey player, daughter Isabella and Dartmouth Whaler Cameron. They are active in their home association, as well as with the Central Minor Hockey Federation, which Sean is president. And he still manages to play music with the boys in “Frankie Deuce”.