Find Your Sparkle – Fridays 12:30pm

Find Your Sparkle with Jen – Host Jennifer Stewart
Airs Fridays at 12:30pm (AST)

Find Your Sparkle with Jen’s goal is to inspire, inform and/or entertain listeners. Jennifer’s guests are from broad backgrounds; ranging from the public sector to entrepreneurs; from coaches to volunteers. Her guests are as varied as the topics.
Jennifer’s style is conversational and natural – she likes the impromptu conversations and seeing where the conversation ends up. She asks the questions that people want to ask but never do. Guests will share their own stories in the hopes of reaching someone that may have a similar story or situation and inspiring them to make changes or take risks in their own lives. Guests will share strategies they use to keep their sparkle and stay positive. Topics are generally positive and deal with real life; however, there are occasions where more serious topics are on the menu.
Jennifer takes pride in helping others and Find Your Sparkle with Jen provides an opportunity to reach people and put a smile on their face while taking a tidbit of information from the show that is relevant to them. Previous episodes can be heard on Jennifer’s Podcast at
About Jennifer
Jennifer spent more than 20 years in the corporate/government industries in a variety of management, business administration and event management positions. In 2011, she took a leap of faith and founded JAS Potential. Her passion for helping people and organizations coupled with her in-depth knowledge and experience in a variety of industries enables her to customize her training and coaching programs and enhances her understanding of the challenges facing both individuals and organizations. The biggest reward she gets is seeing her clients grow, change and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.
Jennifer was humbled to be awarded the 2017 Professional of the Year in the life-coaching industry from Strathmore Worldwide Who’s Who; JAS Potential was nominated for Best Small Business in 2015 and Ms. Stewart received the Jac Brougham Award from Saint Xavier University in 2013. Jennifer loves public speaking and is available for keynotes, emceeing, and facilitation. She is a life-long learner and is continuously upgrading and learning new skills through reading, workshops, on-line and in-house training. Jennifer is a Certified Coach Practitioner, has a BBA from Mount Saint Vincent University, a Diploma in Adult Education from St Francis Xavier, Management Diploma from Seneca College and is a Reiki Master/Practitioner.
Jennifer’s passion and mission in life is to help people improve and enhance their quality of life by finding their authentic self. In the Spring of 2015, Jennifer launched Find Your Sparkle, a multi-faceted program that is geared primarily to women and helping them discover (or rediscover) their authentic self so they can live a life of joy, love, fulfillment, purpose, passion and Sparkle! Her ultimate goal is to see Find Your Sparkle become a movement to reach a variety of demographics.
Jennifer lives with her family in Bedford and is an active volunteer. She currently is on the executive of her Toastmasters Club and is the Division D Director. Email: or visit to learn more about Jennifer and her services.