Change Your Tune – Monday at 6 pm

Andrea Carew B.Sc., M.M.S., IHC


Andrea Carew B.Sc., M.M.S., IHC

The host of Change Your Tune, Andrea is an Integrated Health Coach trained and certified through the Duke University Health System (Duke Integrative Medicine).  Her show on 97.5 Community Radio CIOE seeks to inspire and inform about a missing link in your health care experience – YOU!


Described as “your radio remedy of health – and health coaching” Change Your Tune is true to its name, and simple in concept.  Andrea weekly shows are aimed at anyone needing and trying to make changes in their life for better health – and a better life! Andrea informs about integrated health and how coaching can support one’s quest to make lifestyle and behavior changes in order to feel better.  Andrea’s information and support is mixed with great tunes that usually have some relevance to the topic she is discussing, or simply because it’s a great tune to lift listeners and inspire them to think differently about their health – and their role in it!

If you’ve tuned in already, you know you’re getting a very original radio show, designed to inspire listeners to begin participating in their own health and quality of life – and to practice the concept of self-care.

“With so much negativity and bad news about health and our healthcare experiences, feeling like our health and lifestyle is out of our control is common”, says Andrea.  “Joining the 97.5 Community Radio CIOE family opened up a great chance to help break that sense of helplessness in my community, and beyond, in my own unique way. The forward thinking and commitment to originality and positivity in our community made possible by the vision of the station’s senior management, Jim Robson and Al Holingsworth, is the key behind Change Your Tune making it to the airwaves!

Andrea also operates a private health coaching practice in Halifax (, and thanks to tele-coaching and skype video, her client-base spans Canada, the U.S., and South America.  Andrea coaches individuals and groups on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues – with inspiring results! Andrea also presents to corporations and organizations on health coaching. She also serves as clinical instructor at the Dalhousie School of Nursing, teaching elements of health coaching technique and mindfulness in nursing and healthcare practice.  Andrea also works with the Government of Canada part-time to give support on Aboriginal engagement and consultation.

Andrea’s academic background is science (biopsychology-B.Sc.), and resource management (Masters), followed by a rich career in the federal Government of Canada and Europe managing public engagement, consultation and facilitation: All key stepping-stones in preparing her for this inspiring and rewarding career as a new breed of health professional.

Andrea’s style of health coaching changes lives, and is an important complement to existing healthcare approaches.  You can hear more about this fascinating and growing field in health care ONLY here – on 97.5 Community Radio CIOE – every Monday at 6pm (Atlantic Time).