Cape Breton Calling – Saturday at 12 pm (noon)

Tony Mombourquette

Cape Breton Calling

Cape Breton Calling first aired on Nov 28, 2015.  This show is retrospective of the various areas and cultures around the island.  You can take a day or two to travel all over Cape Breton and not see two communities that are exactly alike.  From fishing communities, to historical sites, from our Aboriginal communities to the Coal Mines, from high rocky cliffs to soft sandy beaches, all are unique and bursting with a rich history that can only be discovered by being there.

So, too, is this region abundantly rich in music that depicts the various cultures of its people.  From Canada’s people, the Mi’ kmaw, to the earliest settlers from Scotland and France, and even today with the ebb and flow of the various people who wish to plant roots on these shores, each have their own unique style of music that can only be called “Cape Breton” music.

I have received countless comments from all over, not only within our listening footprint but also from friends as far away as BC who catch this show on-line.  So please join me for another sampling of Cape Breton Calling each and every Saturday from noon til two.

About Your Host Tony  Mombourquette

Tony Mombourquette was born in Rockdale, Richmond Co., Cape Breton to Walter and Nora Mae Keating.  His father was well-known square dance caller and shared the stage with many of the great musicians of the day, including Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald, Buddy MacMaster, Kinnon and Betty Lou Beaton to name a few.

His folks eventually moved to Central Halifax to find work.  Tony was exposed to a lot of music at home.  He began singing in school and joined the church choir at the age of 7.  When he was in his teens, he started a folk band called “Boysenberry Jam”.  They performed at church and school variety shows and occasionally on local TV shows.

When he turned 22, Tony joined the military and moved to Toronto where he met and eventually wedded his wife, Janet (McPhail). They began raising a family while moving to various postings, around Eastern Canada.  Over the course of his career, he joined several bands including Mixed Nuts, Smuggler’s Cove, 1749, The Soda Shoppe Gang and Innapinch.

Tony was a Peacekeeper in Ismailia, Egypt where he entertained the troops and became a DJ at CFME, Canadian Forces Radio.  He later became a DJ at CHAR FM in Alert, NWT, the most northern inhabited military post in Canada.  In 1999, he retired and settled in Middle Sackville.  He continues to sing in pubs and concert halls and recently joined the CIOE family as host of Cape Breton Calling.