Artist Spotlight – Friday at 8 pm

Eldon MacKeigan

Eldon MacKeigan

The program is heard Friday 8-9:30 pm and provides an in-depth look at one selected artist and their music legacy. The CIOE Artist Spotlight explores stars from rock & roll, jazz, country, blues, and pop and covers their career from the early beginnings to their climb to the peak of their careers. If you like a wide variety of music, join us for their magical sound and hear the story of their lives. It’s a great way to get your weekend started.

About Eldon

Music has been in my bones from birth and I’ve been blessed to have many people introduce me to wonderful artists. My former boss Larry Lamb was a huge Frank Sinatra fan, my father-in-law Ellis “Bub” Parker introduced me to the big bands of the 30’s and 40’s and now my daughters are bringing me music from today’s talent pool. It makes for a thrilling hobby that I share on The CIOE Artist Spotlight.

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