33, 45, 78 with Steve Fruitman – Sunday at 8 pm

Steve Fruitman - Host: 33.45.78

Steve Fruitman – Host: 33.45.78

Steve Fruitman has been programming music programs at the University of Toronto’s Campus-Community Radio Station CIUT for 28 years. An ardent music collector who specializes in Canadiana, his programs hit the nation’s nerve centre passionately on each and every show. He has a way of connecting fiddle music with rock, blues and jazz; polkas, country and folk seemlessly (very often in one program). “I like to position our Canadian music with the best music in the world, side by each!” 33.45.78 is his latest vehicle. 2 hours of great vinyl recordings.

Check out Steve’s website www.backtothesugarcamp.com

Email: steve@backtothesugarcamp.com