CIOE Top 100 East Coast Songs of 2017

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Number Artist Song
100 Amanda Jackson Slowburn
99 Colleen Power Dark Island
98 Earle and Coffin Born Under A Bad Sign
97 The Folk and Country Line Into The Trees
96 Amy Grant This Time Around
95 Jim Henman Shame Shame Boogie
94 Andrew Frelick Live To Love
93 Peter G. Noel Hold On
92 Keith Mullins Drop In The Ocean
91 Patrick Murray Life Is Complicated
90 Bridget & Dahlia Castle
89 Taelor Bent Circle of My Mind
88 Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset It Won’t Happen Again
87 Wake Rider Highschool
86 Waterfront Fire What Went Wrong
85 Ian Janes Used
84 Kendra Gale Band Hold Me Close
83 Hillsburn Strange Clouds
82 Shirley Jackson Things Keep Looking Up
81 Ryan Cook Punta Gorda
80 Doug Hawco feat. Faron Dawe Another Day
79 Lacewood So What If I Miss You
78 Mike Biggar Blood From A Stone
77 Hal Bruce Wish Upon A Star
76 David Myles Real Love
75 Braden Nelson Thought You Should Know
74 Dan Boland Morningside Visions
73 Ian Foster You Left A Song
72 Skin & Jones One Hundred
71 Michelle Noftall Wait For Me
70 Samantha Gracie Hometown Love
69 The Barrowdowns Mockingbird
68 Curtis Matheson Two-timed Blues
67 Eric Stephen Martin Memphis
66 The Divorcees 5 Million Miles
65 Richard & Somebody’s Kids Dancin’ To John Lee
64 Makayla Lynn Joyride
63 Maura Whitman Extraordinary
62 Fairgale Tunnel Vision
61 Matthew Byrne Long Years Ago
60 Dave Penny #darknl
59 Quake Matthews feat. Ria Mae Mad Love
58 Jessie Brown DEBT (We Ain’t Got No Money)
57 Dance Movie Penny
56 Keonte Beals 4ever
55 The East Pointers 82 Fires
54 Coig Solsbury Hill
53 Sleepy Driver Before We Go Home
52 Campbell & Green Wanna Be Your Girl
51 Amelia Curran Gravity
50 Three Finger Shot We Never Said
49 Erin Costelo Low
48 Cassie & Maggie Hangman
47 Alvvays In Undertow
46 Neon Dreams Rescue
45 Jenn Grant Sorry Doesn’t Know
44 Weight of The World Something
43 Anya I’m Staying Up
42 Clare Follett Amy
41 Matt Mays Faint of Heart
40 Port Cities Sound of Your Voice
39 Matthew Pickup La La La & Everything
38 Mo Kenney Unglued
37 Ian Sherwood Little Birds
36 Lisa Richard Tangled Up
35 Guy Paul Thibault Misdemeanor
34 Doug Hawco I’m A Fool
33 Reeny Smith Survive
32 Rawlins Cross Hold You Tonight
31 Meaghan Smith The One
30 Brittany McQuinn Fact Without A Feeling
29 Cameron Not For Me
28 KINLEY Microphone
27 David R. Elliot Back East
26 Carmel Mikol Hold
25 Christine Campbell Last Man Standing
24 Mick Davis & Thin Love Defenceless
23 Stewart Legere Sabotage
22 Ashley Condon Oh My Love
21 Jodi Guthro So Many Nights
20 Matthew Byrne Adelaide
19 The Town Heroes Tonight
18 Steve Maloney Exits
17 Jocelyn Parlee Hey Baby
16 Christina Martin Lungs Are Burning
15 Rachel Cousins Waiting
14 Braden Lam Into The Light
13 David Myles Night & Day
12 Jont & The Infinite Possibility Someone To Love Me
11 Rose Cousins Chosen
10 Matt Mays NYC Girls
9 Adyn Townes Sad Songs
8 Dennis Ellsworth and Kinley Dowling Panorama High
7 Gabrielle Papillon Deep In The Earth
6 Alan Doyle Summer Summer Night
5 Ria Mae Bend
4 Hillsburn Bad Behaviours
3 Port Cities Back To The Bottom
2 Bill and Joel Plaskett The Next Blue Sky
1 Jenn Grant Galaxies