The Voice of East Coast Music

CIOE-97.5FM is the most musically diverse radio station in the HRM as it serves the varying tastes and listening preferences of  listeners from across the entire demographic spectrum.

Included among CIOE-FM’s eclectic music mix are: East Coast, Classic Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Gospel, Bluegrass, Fiddle, Light Classical, Easy Listening Classics, Techno Pop, Military, Dance, Music from Broadway and London Musicals, among other genres.

CIOE-FM’s signature musical sound is East Coast, as we build towards dedicating some 97.5 hours a week of on-air exposure of East Coast Artists from all musical genres.

Locally Relevant – Community Driven

In keeping with its community radio service mandate, CIOE-FM’s Spoken-Word programming is locally relevant and community driven by volunteer correspondents who report daily on the news, events and activities of each community served.

Further to the community news items which are broadcast every hour in segments called Neighbourly News, CIOE-FM also produces 10.5 hours a week of special spoken-word programs on health, business, news magazine, arts and cultural events, community builders, legal issues, minor sports, political, public affairs, comedy and astrology, among other topics.

With its passion, spirit of inclusiveness, and commitment to serving the total community from both a spoken-word and musical perspective, CIOE-FM is truly Community Radio with a difference – making a difference.